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mythfactchalkMuch of the time, when you hear myths about dental care, they’re certainly not in your favor. Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing Zoom! Whitening, hearing gossip can turn you away from this opportunity to quickly and safely whiten your smile! On the other hand, you may hear rumors about this whitening system that cause you to think it’s something it’s not (leaving you a little disappointed in the end). Let’s clear up what this whitening system is, what it isn’t, and what to do about it.

Myth Or Fact?

Myth: Since the Zoom! Whitening treatment takes place so quickly (generally within 45 minutes to an hour), you can’t really experience a significant improvement in how white your smile looks. However, you will be able to see that some amount of change has occurred.

Fact: For most patients, the most exciting aspect of this cosmetic treatment is the fact that it’s so fast but that the speed doesn’t sacrifice good results. Within this very brief visit, you can expect around eight shades of whitening. That’s quite a lot.

Myth: After you receive Zoom! Whitening, you are going to have sensitive teeth. This isn’t something that goes away. This treatment is often just too powerful.

Fact: This commonly confuses patients. Your teeth may feel a little sensitive right after the treatment, which means you can feel your nerves zinging on occasion. This is not permanent. Your teeth will go back to feeling normal again very quickly (but looking much whiter).

Myth: Zoom! Whitening is so effective that you can use it on your crowns or veneers, too.

Fact: This type of treatment is only going to offer improvement for natural dental tissue. While it can whiten your real teeth, it will not work on artificial material. Talk with us if you want to address this issue. We will offer you a variety of effective solutions!