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clockredquestionmarkTime for a checkup? If so, you may be wondering why you need to schedule one in the first place. We applaud your desire to know more about the reasons behind scheduling dental care. It is always commendable to explore the treatments you are receiving, particularly because patients often feel more passionate about care when they feel knowledgeable. Ready to have your questions about dental checkups answered? Look over the following information for a bit more insight:

Checkup Questions

Question: How often should I schedule an appointment?

Answer: You will need to schedule a dental checkup twice a year. We suggest that you schedule your visits once every six months, so they are evenly spread apart. This permits us to consistently manage and monitor your oral health, watching for any changes or abnormalities that may occur along the way. The sooner we detect a change, the easier it is for us to quickly offer accurate, effective treatment with an excellent success rate.

Question: What will you look for during a dental checkup?

Answer: We look for anything that may be going wrong with your oral health, though we hope to find that your smile remains in excellent condition. For instance, we may look for the beginnings of tooth decay, so we can quickly offer a filling. We will also check for problems like gum disease and oral cancer. In all cases, even if a problem has begun, treating it early can protect you from long-term damage. You will find that we ask you questions about your daily experience and comfort. We are also looking for issues with your supportive structures, such as your jaw joints, to make sure every part of your mouth is in good working order.

Question: Will you take X-rays?

Answer: Yes, we incorporate advanced technology into your dental checkup. We will take a detailed look at the deeper workings of your mouth with the use of digital X-rays. You can expect a quick, comfortable process with this type of X-ray that will load directly into our computer system for easy access. We may also take images of the inside of your mouth with an intraoral camera, so you have an excellent visual aid while we explain what we are looking at.


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