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dentalcheckupmagnifyingIf the moment ever comes up when you find yourself asking, “Should I schedule a dental checkup?” the answer is going to be, “Yes!” We understand that you may have some hesitation for a variety of reasons. Maybe you are somewhat embarrassed about your smile because you haven’t kept up with oral health care for a long time. Maybe you noticed a change but it’s minor, so you’re not sure it deserves attention. As we said – schedule the appointment – it’s always a good decision. Allow us to explain the reasons why.

When You’re Embarrassed

Throw all of your feelings involving shame, embarrassment, and other associated emotions out the window! When it comes to caring for your oral health, our mission is to do just that: To care for you, not to put you down or make you feel uncomfortable. Schedule that dental checkup, come on in, and allow us to help you. We will put a smile on your face, provide you with the treatments you need, and most importantly, we will always show you the compassion you need to feel confident about your smile.

When You’re Not Sure

It’s easy to second-guess yourself when you’re thinking about scheduling a dental checkup. To make matters easy, our blanket answer is that it’s always better to err on the side of protecting your smile than neglecting your smile. If a bump, redness, or other issue needs attention, we can offer care immediately. It’s much better than finding out down the road (once the problem has escalated) that a simple checkup could have prevented the development of complications.