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sleepingblondewomanDoes your husband or wife tell you in the morning that you were making choking sounds again? Does this prompt a visit to our practice, which reveals the fact that you are suffering from a treatable sleep disorder known as sleep apnea? If so, you are aware that we offer sleep apnea treatment, so you can reclaim your rejuvenating nightly sleep (and days that aren’t full of fatigue). However, some patients procrastinate regarding receiving treatment, much to the chagrin of their spouses. Find out why this can cause a bit of domestic unrest!

Your Spouse Is Waking Up, Too

When sleep apnea strikes, you wake up struggling to breathe, since your airways have been blocked for up to a minute. In general, the patient goes right back to sleep after waking and gasping. Unfortunately, when you make noise, it likely wakes your spouse (keep in mind that this happens hundreds of times per night in some cases). As a result, your spouse then has to go back to sleep. This can become problematic when one is woken over and over again. Choose sleep apnea treatment, so the love of your life can get some shuteye, too.

That Lack of Sleep Is Dangerous

Your spouse is likely extremely concerned about you receiving sleep apnea treatment as soon as possible because your lack of breathing and sleep deprivation can take a serious toll on your overall health (think heart trouble and liver issues). In addition, your partner will suffer from the same annoying lack-of-sleep symptoms as you (think exhaustion, moodiness, and problems focusing). Do yourself, your spouse, and your marriage a favor and visit us as soon as possible to begin receiving treatment.