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whytagWhen you learn that we offer ortho treatment, do you immediately feel interested in discovering more? Do you let yourself get excited but then quickly come up with reasons you probably don’t need it? Before you start making any assumptions about the role orthodontics plays in patients’ lives, we encourage you to consider some very compelling reasons that it’s always a good idea to seek treatment if it’s something you need.

You’ll Love Your Smile

If you feel strongly that a smile that looks straight fulfills the requirements of what makes a “beautiful smile,” then you will love the effects of ortho treatment. Regardless of the particular system you receive to align your teeth, you will see a dramatic shift (no pun intended!) in the way your smile looks. This feature will complement your other facial features for a more uniform, polished appearance.

Brushing And Flossing Become Easy

Especially if you’re used to the challenge, you may not notice how difficult it really is to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly. However, after ortho treatment, you will find that dental hygiene is actually much easier when your teeth are aligned. There are no gaps, overlapping, or tight spaces anymore. Just complete access to every tooth surface for effective care.

Avoiding Problems Is A Cinch

When teeth are misaligned, multiple issues may arise as the result of imbalance. Difficulty with dental hygiene promotes gingivitis and cavities. Teeth that fit together poorly promote bruxism (teeth grinding as well as teeth clenching). They may also encourage TMJ disorder (the strain of your jaw joints due to award positioning of teeth and jaws, clenching, or grinding). Aligning your teeth with ortho treatment prevents such problems from occurring.