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womanwonderingblazerWe always tell patients that everyone needs dental cleanings. While this seems like a statement that should cover it, we understand that it’s not always that easy when you’re sitting at home, wondering if there are any exceptions. What about pregnant women? What about very young children? Does “everyone” actually mean “most people?” you wonder to yourself. To help you gain a better understanding of the fact that we really do mean the whole population, we are ready to address some very common inquiries.

What About Young Children?

Yep! Young children need dental cleanings, too. We usually suggest you begin dental care for little ones as early as by their very first birthday. The moment teeth arrive, they need home care (which means they will need professional care, too). Remember, plaque affects all smiles and all teeth.

What About Pregnant Women?

Yes, pregnant women definitely require dental cleanings! Did you know that when a woman is pregnant, her chance of experiencing gum inflammation (and therefore, periodontal problems) increases? This has to do with the way your hormone levels in your body affect your oral health. Choose to pay close attention to care at home (brushing and flossing) and to remember care from us, too.

What About Someone With Bad Oral Health?

No matter what, you need plaque and tartar cleaned from your teeth. Even if you have a cavity, a tooth infection, a broken tooth, or gum disease. Maintaining a clean foundation is essential for preventing additional problems from developing, so keep coming in for your dental cleanings.