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Wisdom teeth, or 3rd molars, seem to be a nemesis for most teenagers. For many years, there have been discussions about whether these very back teeth need to be removed quickly after eruption. The jury is still out, but there does seem to be more of a consensus on waiting to see if wisdom teeth cause a problem, not necessarily when they could cause one.

At Rodem Tree Dental, we examine our patients and determine, after an X-ray, if their situation calls for wisdom teeth extraction. Some reasons why it may be necessary to remove 3rd molars are:

• Wisdom teeth that emerge only partially through the gums – when left, bacteria gravitate toward the area, since the area is hard to see and clean, which then results in gum disease and oral infection.

• Nearby teeth that can be affected, due to overcrowding – wisdom teeth that do not have enough room to come in correctly, can cause other teeth to shift and cause either damage or a misalignment.

• Wisdom teeth that have become impacted – this means the teeth are completely hidden beneath the gums and can wreak havoc with the creation of cysts and infection.

• Tumors either on the gum tissue or tumors within the teeth themselves.

• Significant tooth decay – again, wisdom teeth are hard to reach and clean, therefore, are easy magnets for decay and resultant cavities.

• Repeated infection of gums behind the lower last tooth.

When you contact us at 972-475-2321 and visit Dr. Ellen Nam, she can perform an examination and order an X-ray to view your wisdom teeth. Based on the findings, you or your child may need wisdom tooth extraction in Rowlett, Texas today!