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what to expect when your child visits the dentistEven before their adult teeth have arrived, it is important to have your child’s oral health examined by the dentist at regular intervals. Baby teeth can still suffer from tooth decay, and early visits help teach children the importance of good oral hygiene. These visits also allow your dentist to monitor for signs that your child might need orthodontic treatment. Adults and kids alike benefit from routine preventative care. Because children are still learning to care for their teeth, your dentist can use protective measures to help keep them from having cavities.

Teaching Good Dental Habits

Starting dental visits at an early age can help your child appreciate the importance of caring for their teeth. These visits also enable your dentist to help them understand how to properly brush and floss.

Fluoride And Dental Sealants To Protect Teeth From Cavities

Services are available to help protect your child’s teeth, while they are still developing. Dental sealants can be placed over their back teeth, to help guard them against cavities. Your dentist can also use fluoride on their teeth, to help them keep their enamel healthy and strong.

Monitoring For Orthodontic Problems

As your child ages, your dentist can study their development, and can determine if, and when, they may need orthodontic treatment. Braces for your child can ensure that they have an attractive smile, and help them avoid problems caused by uneven teeth. If your child is older, and self-conscious about the effect of braces on their appearance, they may qualify for clear braces.