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When most people think of the reasons behind orthodontics they think of improving the look of a teenage smile. In truth, ortho treatment such as traditional braces and clear braces can dramatically improve the look of a smile at any age. However, the benefits of ortho treatment can extend beyond the appearance of a smile. Orthodontic treatment can affect physical comfort while your are awake, your sleeping comfort, your overall health and your daily outlook on life, no matter your age.

Your Jaw and Facial Comfort

Teeth that are out of alignment can have a subtle (or sometimes not-so-subtle) affect on jaw and facial comfort. The muscles of the face and jaw place tension on facial structures every moment of the day. When these muscle forces are unequal or improperly balanced, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues can result. Jaw misalignment (malocclusion) may cause popping sounds, uncomfortable catching when the jaw open or closes, or ongoing discomfort in the head, face, neck, shoulders and elsewhere.

Your Overall Health

Teeth that are angled, turned or crooked may make it difficult to comfortably chew food. Jaw misalignment can also cause trouble chewing. When eating is uncomfortable, that may mean fresh fruits and vegetables, or other important foods are missing from a healthy diet. Jaw misalignment may be a factor in sleep apnea (a condition when a person stops breathing many times thoughout the night, resulting in disrupted sleep.) Sleep apnea affects mood, daytime alertness, and is linked to stress on cardiac health, and overall health as well.

Your Social Life

Ortho treatment can give a boost to social life, when family mealtimes or eating out with friends is no longer embarrassing or uncomfortable. Properly aligned teeth and jaws allow restaurant meals and family celebrations to be the enjoyable, social times they are meant to be. Ortho treatment can mean a boost in self confidence, and a better mood to meet the day.

Orthodontics Can Protect and Improve Your Comfort and Health

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