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jawpainblondeHas one of your knowledgeable friends ever seen you reach up to massage your jaw joints, only to ask if you suffer from bruxism? If you weren’t quite sure how to answer and you’re still suffering from discomfort in your teeth, jaw, or surrounding areas, learning about this treatable oral health disorder may be to your great advantage. The best part? We offer noninvasive bruxism treatment to improve your daily comfort, so a diagnosis can actually be a good thing. Learn more with the following:

Do You Have Bruxism?

Determining whether you have bruxism may call for a little extra investigating. We often encourage patients to consider the common symptoms. This is because bruxism is characterized by teeth-grinding or clenching that you may not be able to recognize as one of your habits. Sometimes patients grind or clench at night – sometimes they do it during the day without noticing. Unless someone has brought it to your attention, you may need to rely on the following symptoms:

  • Worn down tooth surfaces
  • Daily or consistent headaches
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Earaches
  • Jaw soreness
  • Facial discomfort
  • Mouth sores

We Offer Treatment

Though your discomfort may cause you to assume treatment will be complex, it often quite simple. We may suggest oral appliance therapy. You will wear a special customized mouth guard that will keep your top and bottom teeth from coming into contact with one another while you sleep. This will cushion your bite to prevent grinding and clenching. Or, if misalignment or a poorly balanced bite is the concern, we may suggest braces, the replacement of old dental work, or prosthetics to complete your smile. Keep in mind, by treating bruxism as soon as possible, you may prevent long-term damage to your teeth, jaws, and supportive tissues.


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