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toothwhitesmoothAre you trying to figure out whether you should feel excited that you can treat your cavity with a tooth-colored filling? If you don’t know much about this restorative treatment, you may go through some mixed emotions. First, if you rely on outdated information about fillings, you may worry that the treatment will mar the beauty of your tooth or result in other annoying side effects. However, patients who are familiar with this treatment know that the benefits are vast. Learn more about what to expect from your filling, so you can feel wonderful about returning your smile to excellent health.

About Dental Fillings

First, you need to understand a bit about fillings. A dental filling is the restorative treatment that we suggest when you suffer from tooth decay. What’s that? Well, when plaque rests on your teeth, its bacteria release acids that slowly cause your enamel to soften. This soft spot will eventually collapse, resulting in the small opening we call a cavity. To restore the structure and health of your tooth (and to prevent the cavity from worsening), we will numb your tooth and the nearby tissue, remove the decayed tissue, remove any remaining debris, and then fill the tooth with composite.

Why We Call Them “Tooth-Colored”

You know that a dental filling includes cleaning out and literally filling the opening in your tooth. Now we can move onto the composite, which is the synthetic acrylic-resin material we use to fill the opening. Unlike metal that was popular in the past (which contains mercury), composite is both metal- and mercury-free. It is also a material we can color-match to the shade of your tooth. This means that tooth-colored fillings are safe for most of our patients, will restore your oral health, and will leave you with a tooth that looks as healthy as ever.


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