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If you have been informed that you need a deep cleaning for your smile because of gingivitis or some other issue related to gum disease, you certainly need to schedule a visit ASAP. However, if you’re experiencing any hesitation regarding the matter, you may feel a little bit lured toward the desire to procrastinate. First, remember that if you have any questions about this type of care, we are more than happy to answer them so you feel comfortable about your appointment. As for what might happen if you give into the temptation to avoid the treatment? Some not so great things. Learn more.

The Disease Will Worsen

If you have gingivitis (which is the first stage of gum disease), then the problem may go from curable to something that will require long-term treatment to keep it under control. Regardless of the stage of periodontal problem you’re currently experiencing, things will only get worse if you avoid your deep cleaning. Remember that this type of cleaning is required to remove the accumulation of plaque and tartar that has caused your gums to peel back from your teeth. Without it, infection and inflammation will only become more severe.

Side Effects Can Include Serious Damage

As you may have assumed, when you avoid your deep cleaning and the disease worsens, so does the extent of damage you can expect to experience. Your gums frame and protect your teeth, as do the rest of your periodontal tissues. When they become inflamed and when your gums recede, the issue will eventually lead to damaged teeth, damaged ligaments, damaged jawbone, and possibly the loss of your teeth.

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