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womancoveringmouthnailsSo, you’re on the very exciting road toward receiving Zoom! Whitening, which means your smile is going to appear sparkling and much whiter. While you feel completely content regarding this decision, you may still wonder why your smile became so discolored. Was it something you did? Is it something you need to consider for the future to ensure you protect the treatment you’re about to receive? We can help with information about staining.

Why Staining Happens

Your teeth are porous! This means there are small openings into which pigmented particles can enter (and remain). As a result, teeth become stained over time. They’re resistant to staining, of course (which is why red wine does not instantly dye them). However, they are still vulnerable to long-term wear and tear. Fortunately, Zoom! Whitening can take care of most problems.

What Stains My Teeth?

Foods and drinks may stain your teeth. This is particularly true of foods that are very saturated in color. What’s this mean? Well, that they are full of pigments! Cola, red wine, berries, dark red sauces, and coffee will all contribute to stains.

Another factor in staining that you may overlook is tobacco. Whether it’s chewing tobacco, cigarettes, or otherwise, the staining product is coming into contact with your teeth on a daily basis. Cut it out to stop additional stains from forming. To alleviate these stains and regain a white smile, go with Zoom! Whitening!

How To Move Forward

All you need to do is call our practice. We are happy to set up a time and date for you to come in to talk with us about cosmetic care. We can then make sure you’re a good candidate for teeth whitening (or make a suggestion for another more effective treatment for your needs).