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Healthy foods are the foundation of a successful diet. Even by removing unhealthy foods from your diet may not be enough if you’re not taking care of your teeth and gums as well as your physical health through the use of nutritious meals. For the sole purpose of improving your teeth, it is important to focus on foods that are high in calcium and phosphorus as they are known to help rebuild and strengthen your tooth enamel.

Calcium and phosphorus are minerals that can rebuild your tooth enamel because they can remineralize your teeth as needed. Products that tend to be high in calcium and phosphorus include cheese, nuts, milk and chicken. Also, make sure that you are avoiding snacking throughout the day. Although snacking may seem like a good idea to keep your body from ending up too hungry, you can suffer dental damage because of it. As you snack throughout the day, your teeth and gums are more likely to harbor debris and bacteria. The longer that food is in contact with your teeth and gums, the greater your risk for tooth decay, gum disease, and several other oral health ailments.

To help protect your smile from the risks of foods and drinks you consume, always make sure your mouth stays well hydrated and full of saliva. Saliva is essential for washing away debris and plaque buildup. Saliva has also been shown to help aid in the prevention of cavities as it can neutralize harmful acids that may be present in your mouth and provide disease-fighting substances for your teeth and gums.

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