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smileperfecteyebrowsSome patients have minor complaints about their smiles because of large teeth or rough edges – problems we may fix by removing a tiny bit of tissue. If this is the case for your smile, you may be overjoyed to learn more about the benefits of dental contouring. A surprisingly simple yet effective cosmetic treatment, contouring will smooth out the problems for a much-improved appearance. Wondering if we can address your particular concerns? Have a few additional questions? Learn more with the following Q&A session:

Dental Contouring Q&A

Question: How do you contour my teeth?
Answer: We use a buffing instrument to gently polish away a very minimal amount of your tooth tissue. We only remove enamel – the surface layer of your tooth’s tissues. Before beginning, we will speak with you to identify your smile goals, while creating a customized care plan.

Question: Will removing tooth tissue harm my tooth?

Answer: No, because we smooth away such a small amount of enamel, we can reshape your tooth without affecting your oral health.

Question: Is dental contouring comfortable?

Answer: Yes, it is gentle and comfortable. You will not require anesthetic.

Question: What can you accomplish with this treatment?

Answer: We will improve the symmetry of your smile, its uniformity, or improve isolated problems, which may include: Reducing teeth that seem too large or long for your smile, gently smoothing overlapping teeth so they look like they sit side by side, smoothing a sharp point or tooth border, or achieving an even smile line. We may also improve the texture of your teeth, particularly if they have become pitted or simply uneven.

Question: How long does contouring take?

Answer: We can usually complete your dental contouring within a single visit. Treatment is prized for its efficiency as well as its cost-effectiveness.


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