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womanwonderingglassesYou might find yourself a bit confused when it comes to the things you should and shouldn’t do for your oral health. While dental care may seem quite black and white most of the time, there are some gray areas that can leave you feeling like you’re in limbo. Should you do this … or that? The good news is that since this doesn’t happen too frequently, we can provide you with common concerns patients face (and appropriate advice). Of course, for anything we don’t address, simply ask us about it during your next appointment.

Should I Do This … Or That?

You Shouldn’t: You shouldn’t use someone else’s toothbrush. You shouldn’t use a toothbrush that you used while you were sick. You shouldn’t use an old toothbrush.

You Should: You should use your own toothbrush to protect your oral health. As for the details, you should only use your own, you should start with a fresh one once you’ve gotten over an illness, and you should only use a brush for around four months at a time.

You Shouldn’t: You shouldn’t ever recycle your dental floss.

You Should: Yes, you may find yourself faced with the temptation to wash the floss off under water or in mouthwash and use it again. We suggest you don’t do this. The floss may lose its effectiveness and you probably won’t be able to remove all of the bacteria, which is bad news for your oral health.

You Shouldn’t: You shouldn’t stop scheduling visits because you’re embarrassed about anything at all.

You Should: You should recognize that our sole priority is to help you enjoy a healthy smile. Whether you need financing, it’s been a very long time since your last appointment, or you just haven’t been brushing and flossing like we suggest, come in anyway. We will always welcome you with a smile!