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smile-resolutions-that-help-your-childWe are saying good bye to 2016 and getting ready to welcome 2017. Have you made some New Year’s Resolutions on your own behalf? We’d like to suggest you add a few smile resolutions on behalf of your child. We want your family’s teeth to be healthy, from infancy through senior days. While older teens and adults can take ownership of much of their dental care, your young children will take their dental habit cues from you. We can help you keep your children’s teeth healthy all year long.

Resolution #1: Don’t Skip Appointments

We live in busy times, but skipping dental appointments (for yourself or your child) is not a time saver in the long run. Twice yearly checkups and cleanings allow us to make sure teeth are healthy and free of signs of cavities. In addition, we can apply fluoride and sealants to young teeth, and monitor developing teeth and jaw. Our technology allows us to see inside a child’s mouth, even when light and space are limited. We also keep our eye our for growths or tender spots that may be early signs of serious issues.

Resolution #2: Help Develop Brushing Habits

We find that dental habits (like other habits) run in families. If you set a good brushing example, your child is likely to brush regularly too. Good brushing habits include

Resolution #3: Know What to Do In A Dental Emergency

Keeping your child’s smile intact is a huge smile resolution. Baby teeth are meant to naturally drop out, but sometimes they are knocked out unexpectedly. Wearing a mouthguard when playing any contact sport is a good preventive measure. Mouth guards are also a good idea when engaging in activities like skateboarding or visiting a trampoline park. If you are past the point of prevention, and a dental emergency has occured, keep calm and call our office. We can give you support, see your child if needed, and offer further instructions.