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symptomsHow much do you know about your sleep apnea problem? Have you been diagnosed yet or are you trying to figure out whether this sleep disorder is the underlying factor that’s resulting in your strange experiences? Fortunately, by learning about the symptoms and visiting us for sleep apnea treatment, you can say goodbye to frustrating problems like fatigue and hello to rejuvenated energy. All it takes is some comfortable, noninvasive therapy to return you to nights full of uninterrupted sleep.

Morning Symptoms

When you suffer from sleep apnea but have not yet begun sleep apnea treatment, you experience moments of interrupted breathing each night. Those moments, often lasting a minute each, can add up to hundreds of instances each night. As a result, your brain becomes temporarily deprived of oxygen over and over. In addition to potentially snoring loudly during the night, you likely make a choking sound when you struggle to breathe in, while you jolt out of consciousness. The result? Your head might hurt when you wake up. You may also experience a sore throat and a noticeably dry mouth.

Daily Symptoms

Your daily symptoms primarily result from the fact that you’re not getting enough sleep. Symptoms include feeling extremely fatigued, dealing with mounting exhaustion, and having trouble focusing on common tasks. You may also find yourself suffering from serious mood swings and feeling somewhat depressed.

How To Respond

Fortunately, you can address all of your symptoms with sleep apnea treatment. We will offer noninvasive therapy with the use of a comfortable oral splint. Want some more good news? Treating the underlying problem helps you sleep through the night, while inhibiting potential health-related side effects associated with the sleep disorder.