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smilingwomanapplePatients often assume a lot of things about the appearance of their smiles. They also think that the teeth they are born with are just the teeth they will have to deal with for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, we offer a variety of cosmetic treatments to help you feel better about your smile. For instance, if you are unhappy with your grin because of small spaces, chipped teeth, or other esthetic concerns that could easily be remedied with additional tooth tissue, you may benefit from dental bonding. Learn more about what to expect from bonding to find out of it may offer you the visual improvements you desire:

Why Choose Bonding?

Dental bonding is a budget-friendly solution that typically requires a single visit. We suggest it for patients dealing with smile issues that we can improve by adding the illusion of more tooth tissue in strategic locations. You may make a good candidate for bonding if you wish to accomplish one or more of the following:

  • Improved tooth chips for a tooth that looks whole again
  • Coverage of cracks or stains on your teeth
  • Filled gaps between your teeth for a smile that looks consistent
  • The lengthening of a tooth that looks shorter than the teeth surrounding it
  • You can achieve a more consistent, uniform, symmetrical smile

What’s Bonding All About?

Bonding is an additive procedure that builds up your tooth tissue or covers problem areas. We use a material called composite that we will match to the shade of your surrounding tooth so it looks natural. After applying layers of the composite – a synthetic resin material – we will shape it or lay it flat. We will set and polish the material, so your tooth looks beautiful.


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