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dentalcrowngoldcrownIf you’re asking yourself, “What’s a dental crown and why do I need one?” then it’s probably time for a quick refresher on what this prosthetic is and how it may help your oral health (and the beauty of your smile). Interestingly, there are many answers to your inquiry. Crowns – which are artificial, hollow teeth that we use to protect and cover the tooth underneath – offer many functions and, as a result, offer many benefits. Find out more about the details, so you can appreciate these tiny workhorses.

You’re Receiving A Bridge

Have you decided on a dental bridge to replace your tooth or multiple missing teeth? If so, you will need a way for us to permanently bond the bridge into your mouth, so it can live up to its status as a “fixed” prosthetic that remains in place. Good news – each end of your bridge is composed of a dental crown. We will cement each crown over existing teeth on either side of your opening, so the bridge receives excellent, long-term support.

You Need Substantial Tooth Help

Teeth become damaged due to a long list of factors and in a variety of ways. First, we typically suggest a dental crown for restorative dentistry concerns, such as a physically harmed tooth (like a breakage) or a severe cavity. The crown will cover, protect, and restore stability. However, we may also suggest a crown when your tooth is cosmetically damaged to an extent that surpasses the help offered by veneers. We will use a lifelike material, such as porcelain, for beautiful results.

You’re Visiting Us For Root Canal Therapy

Is your tooth infected? If so, we will perform root canal therapy to remove the inflamed dental pulp from within your tooth. Once we have rescued your tooth and cleared the infection, your weakened tooth will receive coverage and support from a dental crown.


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