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q&arainbowWhile you may have an instinct that our suggestion to schedule a dental filling is a good thing, you may not know much about the treatment itself. True, you are aware that you have a cavity, which requires attention, but the details may be a bit fuzzy. Rather than feeling conflicted between your dedication to dental care and uncertainty regarding this restorative treatment, we want you to feel completely confident. Consider some questions (and our answers to those questions) for a clear understanding of why you need a filling.

Questions and Answers About Fillings

Question: I understand that I’m suffering from tooth decay but is it really essential that I fill the cavity? Can’t it wait – particularly if it’s a small cavity?

Answer: Here’s the missing information that you need: Tooth decay is progressive. Even a small cavity can quickly progress into a larger cavity. It may also provide entrance to bacteria, which will result in a tooth infection (which will ultimately require root canal therapy). You need a dental filling to restore your tooth and avoid complications.

Question: I’ve always been afraid that a filling will hurt, which is the main reason I feel the urge to avoid treatment. Should I be concerned?

Answer: A dental filling is a comfortable treatment that yields comfort down the line. Allow us to explain: We will numb the tooth and tissues around your tooth before the filling begins. As a result, you can lie back and relax. Your restored tooth will then feel comfortable because it is healthy again.

Question: Won’t a filling make my smile look somewhat unsightly? I don’t want a dark tooth.

Answer: No, your tooth will not darken. We do not use amalgam (metal) fillings. We offer tooth-colored fillings, which match the color of your natural tooth tissue for a finish that you cannot detect.