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teenbracesredhairIs your little one not such a little kid anymore? As you enter the teenage years, you may wonder what to expect from teen dental care. For the most part, the preventive aspect of your child’s oral health remains the same – it’s still important to brush, floss, and schedule twice-annual preventive visits. However, your child’s permanent teeth will come in, wisdom teeth may begin to develop, and you may find that you’re not sure what your tween or teen son or daughter’s needs include. Allow us to provide you with some essential information.

Questions and Answers: Teen Dental Care

Question: Do you still offer dental sealants to teenagers?

Answer: We provide sealants on a case-by-case basis. If your child has not yet received sealants on his or her permanent molars, then we will most likely suggest placement. Sealants create a barrier over back teeth chewing surfaces, preventing the development of tooth decay. This provides some wiggle room for error when it comes to cleaning and will boost your child’s confidence regarding dental hygiene.

Question: What about wisdom teeth removal? Is this something I need to think about for my teenager?

Answer: Teen dental care will include concerns about wisdom teeth when your child reaches his or her late teens. This is when wisdom teeth – also called third molars – begin to develop. We suggest you maintain consistent dental checkups, so we can detect wisdom tooth development and remove the teeth (if necessary) before they result in problems.

Question: How about orthodontic care? Will I need to ask about a trusted orthodontist when the time comes?

Answer: Our teen dental care includes orthodontics, so your child can receive all of his or her dental care under one roof. We will keep a close watch on your child’s smile progression over time, suggesting orthodontic care such as clear or traditional braces if necessary. The sooner we address misalignment, the easier it is to shift teeth into place.