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qabuttonredWhen you decide you’re not really in the mood to schedule your dental cleaning with us, you probably convince yourself that it’s no big deal. After all, you will just make sure you’re completely dedicated to what you should be doing with your own hygiene, which means brushing and flossing according to our recommendations. With that in mind, why would you need a cleaning from our team? You’re already cleaning your smile every day! Unfortunately, the care you provide is not the same as the professional care we offer. Let’s examine this conundrum, so you recognize the importance of coming in twice a year.

Questions and Answers: Cleanings

Question: Why can’t I just take care of my own teeth and come in if something is wrong? Why are dental cleanings important if I already brush and floss?

Answer: The problem here is the fact that the daily use of your toothbrush and floss is exceptionally helpful in the removal of plaque and the prevention of tartar formation but it isn’t 100 percent effective. During your cleanings, we get rid of the plaque that you have a hard time reaching (and the tartar that has formed).

Question: What happens if I don’t come in for my dental cleanings? I’m removing most of the plaque aren’t I?

Answer: You are doing a wonderful job if you floss once a day and brush twice a day. However, even those small traces of plaque and tartar have the power to cause some severe consequences. If we don’t see you for some time, the combination of accumulated plaque and tartar (and our inability to diagnose problems) can leave you with advanced tooth decay or gum disease.

Question: I just care that my smile looks good and that my breath is fresh, so can’t I just come in once a year or once every two years?

Answer: In addition to the potential for cavities and gingivitis, there are additional issues that can occur if you skip dental cleanings. Plaque, tartar, and the subsequent bacterial buildup may also lead to stains and bad breath.