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protect your teeth by making smart diet choicesWhen you think about how your diet affects your health, do you also take your oral health into consideration? The choices you make regarding what you eat and drink can affect your likelihood of developing cavities, and can negatively impact the color of your teeth. The amount of sugar you tend to consume can dramatically influence your odds of developing a cavity. Sticky foods can be harder to clean from your teeth, and food with hard surfaces can put you at risk for a chipped or cracked tooth. By thinking critically about how your diet choices affect your teeth, you can better preserve the quality of your smile.

Drink More Water

Swapping water for flavored beverages during a meal can help reduce how much sugar you typically consume. Water is also a good substitute for darker beverages, which can dull your teeth to the point that you may need to have them cosmetically whitened. Also, your tap water can contain fluoride, which can actually strengthen your enamel, and help you avoid cavities.

Watch Out For Sugar

Bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar – in the course of digesting that sugar, they secrete harmful acids that can destroy your enamel. The more sugar you consume, the more your teeth face assault from these acids, and the more likely you are to develop cavities.

Be Careful When You Eat Food That Is Hard, Or Sticky

Sticky foods are more likely to become stuck on your teeth. When this happens, bacteria can continue to feed on the food debris, and cause a concentrated attack on your enamel. Hard substances can chip or crack your tooth. Dental bonding can hide the appearance of damage, but a more severely damaged tooth may need a dental crown.