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smileperfecttealtopWhen you’re feeling the pangs of upset that come with a misaligned smile (or the physical pains that can accompany teeth poorly configured within your mouth), you may wonder where to turn. Fortunately, you may come to the same place you visit for your cleanings, exams, cosmetic care, restorative treatments, and more … to our office! We offer ortho treatments to align your smile, so you can feel good about the way your smile looks and so your smile can feel good on a daily basis. To begin, we suggest you schedule a consultation with our practice and enjoy an introduction into the treatments that we offer.

Braces (Brackets And Wires)

When you hear the term “braces,” you may only visualize the traditional braces you have seen your whole life, including metal brackets and wires on the visible parts of one’s smile. We certainly offer this time-honored treatment, which can help address a long list of misalignment concerns. However, we also provide additional options for those in need of incognito ortho treatment or accelerated care strictly for cosmetic concerns. For hidden braces, you may wish to consider lingual braces (which are placed on the backs of teeth). Or, if you just need to gently align the way your smile looks, we offer Six Month Smiles (Hint: It really works within only six months).

Clear Braces (Clear Aligner Trays)

For patients looking for an alternative to the brackets and wires associated with a more traditional approach to ortho treatment, we offer what we refer to as “clear braces.” Don’t let the term “braces” confuse you, however. These systems (we offer both Invisalign and ClearCorrect) require the patient to wear clear aligner trays, which shift teeth into place. In addition to exceptional comfort, they are generally hidden from view due to their thin, clear construction.