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smilemakeoverAre you interested in finding a way to attain a much whiter smile but you can’t seem to fit it into your schedule? Perhaps you are under the impression that you’re going to have to whiten your smile at home over the course of a couple weeks, which is why you feel the smile of your dreams is simply out of reach. The good news is that we offer Zoom! Whitening, a teeth whitening system that can brighten your smile (dramatically, no less) without inconveniencing your busy life. Learn a little bit more.

What Is Zoom! Whitening?

This teeth whitening system is one that relies on bleaching gel, like most in-office treatments. The difference is that it’s formulated for accelerated care. Once placed on your teeth, we will use a special light that we will direct at your smile. The light will act as an activator for the gel, enhancing the process, so your teeth become brilliantly bright within a very short amount of time.

How Long Does It Take?

About that accelerated process: It will only take one visit. More specifically, your teeth whitening experience will take under one hour until the discoloration that’s bothering you is addressed.

Is It Safe For My Smile?

Yes. Zoom! Whitening is a teeth whitening system that has been strategically formulated to whiten your smile by many shades without causing damage. You can expect teeth that are white and healthy, receiving protection against sensitivity and dehydration. We will also take steps to keep your soft tissues protected during the treatment.