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Dr. Ellen Nam and our dental team strongly recommend keeping up with oral hygiene twice a day. This means you need to clean your smile every morning and every night. As you clean your teeth and gums, it’s important to do so with the best oral hygiene tools possible. Otherwise, your smile won’t be as clean as it could be. So, to help you choose the right oral hygiene tools, our dental team has some interesting and helpful information for you.

No matter which products you choose, it’s important to select products that have been approved by the American Dental Association. This seal of approval signifies that the tools have been tested for safety and effectiveness and have successfully passed those tests.

As far as toothbrushes go, it’s important to select a brush that has soft bristles. This is encouraged because soft bristles clean your teeth and care for your gums. They also help you clean a sensitive smile. Hard bristles can damage your teeth and gums.

As far as toothpaste goes, it’s important to choose a paste that has fluoride. The fluoride will help you fight cavities because it will strengthen and nourish your enamel. Other characteristics depend on your personal preference. You can select a paste that whitens your smile, helps with sensitivity or even has your favorite flavor.

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