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thanksgivingautumntableIf you are someone who has been trying to decide if you want to follow through on replacing your missing teeth with dental implants, you may wish to think through the ways implants benefit you during holiday meals. During these times of year, many challenges that come with tooth loss become amplified, so it can often help you make your choice. Not quite sure what we mean but you certainly could use some motivation? Find out more with some helpful examples.

You Can Smile Away

Think about how the holidays amplify your social experience. You see old friends, meet up with new friends, see relatives, talk in close proximity with people you love. You’re invited to social engagements that you want to attend. If you feel ashamed of your smile because of missing teeth or a replacement solution you dislike, dental implants will help. Your smile will become stable and beautiful.

You May Eat What You Please

About that stability: It’s one thing to make it through a meal by yourself or with people you frequently dine with. However, ask yourself how your smile is holding up as you eat with a table full of people. Are you worried someone will see you trying to chew? Are you passing on difficult-to-eat holiday favorites? Dental implants will make such concerns a thing of the past.

You Won’t Need To Worry About Cleanup

Are you spending time and effort running to the bathroom to clean your dentures and smile after your holiday meal? Does food become stuck beneath your bridge? Dental implants are quite close to your natural teeth, which means cleanup will be just like it is with natural teeth when the meal is over. Simple.