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As you head into the journey of receiving ortho treatment from us, you likely have every intention of having a wonderful, positive experience! You are ready for the uniform smile you’ve been missing, you know that there are both cosmetic and oral health-related benefits on the horizon, and your treatment will guide you there. What you need to remember, as well, is that you can easily continue on this positive pathway by protecting the system you receive (or you can end up sabotaging it just as easily). How to make sure you stay headed in the right direction? We have some helpful advice.

Don’t Ignore Our Care Suggestions

Ignore our care suggestions for your ortho treatment and you will find yourself in a heap of trouble. Not only can this lead to damaged orthodontic work but it can also leave you with problems like decay or gingivitis. Keep your smile clean (and your braces or trays clean), so all goes smoothly.

Don’t Ignore Our Wear Instructions

You’ll be receiving instructions specific to the type of ortho treatment you receive. It might be all about how to promote your best experience with brackets and wires or how to manage wearing clear aligner trays. Whatever the case, take them seriously! When you deviate from the directions, you ignore the fact that how well you adhere to them yields either a successful treatment or one that you end up sabotaging in the end.

Do Stay Serious About Your Appointments

Don’t feel like coming in for your next follow-up visit? You need to do it anyway! Treatment varies from one patient to the next, which means yours is unique. The only way to guide your ortho treatment and for you to progress is for you to physically come in for care.

Learn More About Ortho Treatment With Us

Come see us if you are interested in choosing orthodontic treatment to align your smile, so we may create a care plan tailored to your smile’s requirements. To contact us and set up a visit in Rowlett, TX, schedule an appointment with Rodem Tree Dental today at 972-475-2321. We proudly welcome patients from Rowlett, Rockwall, Garland, Wylie, Sachse, and all surrounding communities.