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lipbalmblondeAre dry lips something that you deal with on a regular basis? Perhaps this occurs seasonally – many patients complain of dry, chapped lips and skin during the winter. Whatever the case, it’s important to recognize that your lips are both an important part of your smile and that they are composed of fragile, sensitive skin. Keeping your lips in good condition is important for so many reasons! Primarily the fact that nobody is ever happy about flaky or uncomfortable lips. Learn a bit more about what’s going on and what to do.

What’s Going On?

Everyone’s skin is different. For some, the idea of reaching for a tube of lip balm is never a concern. For others, dry lips seem to be a consistent problem that a tub full of ointment cannot seem to combat. It’s significant for you to recognize that your lips are likely not inherently dry – you just need to consider what you’re doing on a daily basis and make some changes to your habits to protect this delicate area.

What Can I Change?

As for your daily habits that can cause your lip tissue to become dried and chapped, think about what you put into and on your body – and consider the context. For instance, are you washing your face with harsh soap? Do find that the soap doesn’t usually dry out your lips but during the wintertime, it does? Do you usually use a particular lip balm for dry lips that works throughout most of the year but it doesn’t help when you’re out in the summer sun all day? Are you drinking enough water? Let’s break this down:

  • Try out different lip balms and choose one that works for your particular needs – you may require something rich in the cooler months and something with SPF in the warmer months
  • Keep harsh ingredients away from your lips to prevent dry tissue
  • Increase the amount of water you drink daily