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cellphonetouchWhile etiquette regarding cell phones is becoming more and more complex, it’s important to recognize when this technology is a benefit to you. It’s entirely true that it’s nice to keep your phone hidden when you are spending time with others – however, when it comes to protecting your oral health, it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend just a bit of time staring at your screen! Let’s explore some reasons why.

It Gives You Instant Access To Us

Save yourself the step or two it takes to look up our practice or dig around for our card. Instead, do us the honor of putting our phone number and address in with your other contacts. As a result, if you have a question, need to schedule a visit, or otherwise, you will have immediate access. Keep in mind that there are many reasons to schedule an appointment with us for your oral health, including the following:

  • Your six-month dental checkup and cleanings
  • Something has changed with your smile and you think you may need dental care
  • You need an emergency visit

You Can Keep Up With Your Schedule

Are you out and about but you need to schedule a visit with us for your oral health? Worried that if you scrawl the date and time down on a piece of paper that by the time you get home for the day, you will have lost the paper and forgotten all about the visit? Make use of your cell phone’s calendar, notes, or other handy areas to jot down important dates. You might event want to set up a reminder, so your phone notifies you on the day of your visit!