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You might find yourself overwhelmed with excitement one day when you notice a DIY teeth whitening option online. Just mix lemon juice and baking soda to get your teeth nice and white? Well, why not, you wonder? To put it simply: Anything other than professional care is going to lead you down a path toward some amount of damage and disappointment. For a better understanding of why you should avoid DIY options and what to do instead, take our advice.

What The DIY And OTC Stuff Will Do

DIY (meaning do-it-yourself) and OTC (meaning over-the-counter) options for teeth whitening aren’t going to pan out. Instead of guiding you toward teeth that are healthy and whiter, they’re going to do one or more of the following:

  • They’ll leave you disappointed when the results are lackluster
  • They’ll irritate your gums
  • They’ll damage your teeth, leaving them sensitive and possibly dehydrated
  • They may damage your enamel, the hard, outer layer of your teeth

Why You Want To Protect Your Enamel

Amidst everything else that can go wrong, damaging your enamel is a serious problem. You see, your enamel protects your tooth, so it remains strong and healthy. It is somewhat translucent and reflects light, allowing your teeth to appear white. Unfortunately, the more your enamel becomes stripped away, the more yellow your teeth will look! So, skip the DIY and OTC teeth whitening.

What To Do For A Whiter Smile

Come see us. We offer traditional teeth whitening (with a very fast, 1-hour, in-office option). We offer bonding. We offer porcelain veneers. We provide everything you might need for a smile that’s whiter (and that remains healthy).

Rely On Professional Care For A Whiter Smile

When you want a whiter smile, come talk with us immediately instead of being lured by dangerous do-it-yourself options that may harm your teeth. To contact us and set up a visit in Rowlett, TX, schedule an appointment with Rodem Tree Dental today at 972-475-2321. We proudly welcome patients from Rowlett, Rockwall, Garland, Wylie, Sachse, and all surrounding communities.