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2silverThere are, of course, a lot of things that can happen when you decide to neglect your oral health. When you’re just a little bit too laid back with things like brushing and flossing, you can expect to see issues like decay and gingivitis. However, what happens when a patient truly gives up on dental care or allows problems to snowball? Consider a couple serious consequences and remember: No matter what is happening with your smile at any given moment, you are welcome to come to us for help. The sooner you address problems, the better.

Tooth Loss

There are several avenues that can lead to tooth loss if you have been neglecting your oral health. Unfortunately, regardless of which problem causes the destruction, they will generally all result in the loss of your teeth. Did you know that losing just one tooth can wreak havoc on your daily quality of life, making chewing and conversing difficult and encouraging issues like bruxism and TMJ disorder? While we can replace missing teeth, preventing their loss is always a more preferable choice.


While you might assume tooth loss is the be-all-end-all of frightening consequences, you have overlooked something: Beyond the loss of your teeth lie further complications. First, if you have teeth remaining in your smile after tooth loss, they will generally move rather than staying where they currently reside. Your smile will become misaligned. Untreated tooth loss can also cause your jaw tissue to deteriorate. Care for your oral health, so you can enjoy a healthy, full smile for a lifetime.