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The exceptional promise that dental implants offer for tooth replacement is something that goes unmatched by other treatments. However, even with the surprising benefits you can expect (after all, no other prosthetic can replace your entire tooth), there are questions to be answered. You wonder about the life of the implants, what they will feel like, and more. We are always happy to take the time to offer additional education! Take a quick stop through our Q&A session and schedule a consultation to learn even more.

Questions and Answers

Question: How long are the dental implants going to remain in my smile? Will I need to repair them?

Answer: Generally speaking, the implant can last forever. You won’t need to repair or replace them, as long as you care for them and follow our suggestions for optimizing your oral health.

Question: Is it going to be apparent that I’m wearing dental implants? Will they ever feel like my real teeth?

Answer: Fortunately, you can wear implants without anyone noticing. In fact, after a brief period of adjustment, you will probably forget you’re wearing them, as well. They replace the entirety of your tooth (with a restoration to replace your missing tooth crown), so you enjoy nearly the same stability your natural tooth provided. Speaking, chewing, and everything else will quickly return to normal.

Question: How do I sort out the process of receiving dental implants? Do I just schedule the procedure?

Answer: You don’t need to do much! We invite you to come in for a consultation, so we can set up a care plan for you. We will then provide you with specific instructions regarding the process, so you can show up for necessary visits, while we restore your smile.

Gather The Details About Dental Implants

Feeling full of information and the details you need to consider implants is something you can easily achieve through a consultation with our practice. To contact us and set up a visit in Rowlett, TX, schedule an appointment with Rodem Tree Dental today at 972-475-2321. We proudly welcome patients from Rowlett, Rockwall, Garland, Wylie, Sachse, and all surrounding communities.