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womanquestionexclamationThere’s something you should know about dental cleanings – actually there’s a lot you should know. Why? Cleanings provide you with an exceptional form of protection against some serious oral diseases. In addition, cleanings don’t require very much out of you, which is why we feel so strongly that you visit us consistently. Preventive in-office care is low-maintenance for most lifestyles (we only need to see you a couple times each year) and offers exceptional results. However, we are aware that you may not know all there is to know about cleanings and what makes them such a powerful tool for protecting your smile. To improve your understanding of what to expect and why we suggest preventive visits, we have gathered the following information:

Visit Frequency

We suggest that most patients visit us once every six months. Seeing us twice a year – preferably with six months between visits – gives us the opportunity to thoroughly clean your teeth at a beneficial rate. In addition, we usually suggest that you combine your cleaning with a dental checkup, which allows us to not only clean your smile but also to monitor your oral health, so you can smile away without worrying about dental problems.

Why We Suggest Cleanings

We suggest dental cleanings to protect you from the negative side effects of plaque. This substance is extremely sticky and it is full of bacteria – it also sticks to your teeth on a daily basis and can quickly migrate beneath your gumline. Plaque also hardens quite quickly, so if you fail to pick up a toothbrush for two days, that plaque may become too hard to remove with your own efforts. Plaque on its own is something you can remove in part but you will need a professional cleaning with our advanced techniques and instruments to completely clean every tooth surface. What’s the big deal? Plaque is the number one cause of tooth decay and gum disease – remove it and your smile stays healthy.


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