For patients who are looking to get a straighter smile but want an invisible treatment, lingual braces may be for you! This treatment works similarly to traditional braces; however, instead of placing the wires and brackets on the front of your teeth, they are placed on the back. This means that your treatment is virtually invisible to others, and all they see is your straighter smile! To learn more about Rodem Tree Dental’s lingual braces in Rowlett, Texas, we welcome you to contact us at 972-475-2321 and schedule your appointment with our dentist, Dr. Ellen Nam.

Braces are commonly and popularly used to straighten teeth, giving a more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing smile. While many people choose the traditional braces with brackets and wires on the front of their teeth, few may know about lingual braces.

Lingual braces are similar to traditional braces in that they are held in place with brackets that are attached to the teeth, and they use wire to move your teeth into place. However, lingual braces are placed on the back side of your teeth by the tongue, meaning they are invisible to others. Lingual braces also differ from traditional braces in that their brackets are custom-made to fit your teeth without causing discomfort against your tongue and soft tissue.

Lingual braces use wire to apply continuous yet gentle pressure to your teeth, loosening them and moving them into the correct positions. Although this treatment takes 18 to 36 months, just like traditional braces, lingual braces may be a more appealing treatment option because the wire and brackets are virtually invisible. Patients do not have to worry about showing off metal-covered teeth during their treatment period. Instead, you can continue to smile with confidence!

If you have any questions about lingual braces, and if you are interested in straightening your smile with lingual braces, we welcome you to visit or call our office today!