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faqgoldHave we let you know that you need a deep cleaning? Do you recognize that this is because your gums are inflamed and the issue could lead to serious periodontal problems (but you still have some questions about this treatment)? Remember that we always encourage you bring up your questions, whether big or small, during visits. At the moment, we are happy to shed a bit more light on this type of preventive care treatment with a brief FAQs session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is a deep cleaning the same thing as scaling and root planing?

Answer: Yes, these two terms refer to the same preventive treatment. The process includes scaling (during which we will numb your gum tissue and remove plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth, including beneath your gumline) and root planing (the process of smoothing the surface of your roots to prevent future bacteria from hiding out).

Question: How do you decide if I need a traditional cleaning or a deep cleaning?

Answer: We suggest traditional cleaning for patients who are showing no signs of gingivitis. Otherwise, you will require scaling and root planing as a starting point to restore your gum health.

Question: I’ve heard that a deep cleaning requires more than one visit. Is this true?

Answer: Yes. In general, we perform the cleaning on a single quadrant of your mouth at a time. A quadrant is one quarter of your smile. So, you may require up to four visits before the cleaning process is complete.