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While your braces are made from durable orthodontic components, they can still suffer damage as well as excess wear and tear. This is more likely to occur when you consume sticky and hard foods, or you have a bad habit of nibbling on foreign objects.

These things can potentially bend, damage, or loosen multiple braces components. This can sometimes dramatically alter the tension applied to your teeth and pose a threat to the soft tissues in your mouth.

If your braces are damaged or bent in any way, you need to have them examined and repaired as soon as possible by Dr. Ellen Nam and the specialists at her orthodontic clinic in Rowlett, Texas. You should never attempt to repair the damaged braces yourself. This could cause undue complications and potentially harm your mouth.

If the damaged braces component has created a sharp point that threatens to harm your cheek or gums, you can try to secure it inside a piece of orthodontic wax. If you don’t have any on hand, it might be possible to improvise with a piece of a pencil eraser.

It’s best to avoid eating anything until Dr. Ellen Nam has had a chance to examine and address the damaged component. If you are desperately hungry, try consuming a high-calorie fluid like a milk or a protein shake.

If you are in the Rowlett, Texas, are and you have suffered damage to your braces, you should call 972-475-2321 to have it examined and repaired by the orthodontic specialists at Rodem Tree Dental.