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questionmarkblueWe have discovered over the years that even though patients tend to spend a lot of quality time thinking over their dental care, they often become too shy to voice questions during their time with us. If you have been considering cosmetic care because you would like a smile that better projects the visual you’ve been hoping to achieve, a consultation is a perfect first step. (Just remember that this is a wonderful time to ask your questions). Let’s review some common questions that are very wise to bring up.

Question: What Are My Options?

Once you let us know what you’re feeling unhappy about with your smile’s appearance, we can provide you with multiple pathways toward the smile you want. It’s great to ask us about your different options! For example, maybe you want to know about one plan that only targets your discoloration versus another plan that will eliminate discoloration and make your smile look straighter. Ask away, so we can offer a comprehensive selection of choices.

Question: How Long Will It Take?

Your time is important! We encourage you to ask us about cosmetic care and how it might affect your daily life. As a result, you can schedule your treatments and visit dates without interfering with your usual plans.

Question: What’s It Like?

It’s entirely possible that you have learned a lot about different cosmetic care treatments like whitening, bonding, veneers, and more. However, you might feel a little unsure about whether you want to set up an appointment to receive the treatment because you don’t actually know what the prep, process, or maintenance entails. Please ask! We are more than happy to explain the steps.