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questionstickiesHave you been taking a look at different cosmetic treatment ideas because you are ready to do something about your smile? When you don’t love the way this facial feature looks, it’s easy to lose a bit of confidence. Fortunately, it’s just as easy to boost that self-esteem right back up with the use of treatments like dental bonding. Before you give a definitive “yes” on treatment, though, we have a hunch you might want some questions answered. This is something we are happy to do!

Questions About Bonding (And Answers!)

Question: I think dental bonding is probably going to be the best option for me. As long as it lasts longer than a month, that is. What’s its lifespan?

Answer: As you likely realize, we cannot tell you exactly how long it will last because different factors affect the way it wears. However, we can give you a ballpark figure! Bonding should last several years (often up to 10).

Question: Is dental bonding something that is going to feel uncomfortable? I don’t really know what sensations to expect.

Answer: This is known as a very, very gentle treatment. The steps are simple! We apply the composite and shape it. We use a special light to help the composite dry and harden. Then, we make the area look nice and shiny with a quick polish. No discomfort required.

Question: How do you ensure that the bonded area matches my tooth or the rest of my smile?

Answer: Fortunately, this is easy to accomplish. We begin your experience with dental bonding by carefully customizing the color of the bonding material (composite) to the color necessary to complete the treatment.