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clearbracestrayholdThe decision to straighten your smile with clear braces can be a very exciting one. Considering this orthodontic treatment, however, can also cause you to become concerned and somewhat hesitant. Particularly when you hear a lot of information from outside sources, like friends or family, you can start to wonder if the things you’re hearing are valid. Or, you may simply make assumptions about aligner trays that make you worry they are simply too good to be true. Rather than spend another second stressing, we would like you to consider responses to common concerns, so you can move forward with a smile on your face.

Concerns (And Our Responses) About Clear Braces

Concern: I’m not sure if clear braces will work for my type of misalignment – I’ve always heard they only work for minor issues.

Response: The good news is that clear braces can work for wide array of misalignment types – however, you may require traditional braces if your misalignment is severe. This orthodontic system offers improvement to open bite, over bite, under bite, cross bite, overcrowding, and spacing.

Concern: I’m worried that my clear braces treatment will look unnoticeable but that I will have too much trouble speaking while wearing the trays or that they will fall out while I talk.

Response: Once you become accustomed to having them in your mouth during a brief adjustment period, you will be able to speak clearly. In addition, the trays fit snugly, so you don’t need to worry about them moving or falling out.

Concern: I have heard from friends that clear braces are a lot more expensive than traditional metal braces. I can afford traditional treatment but I’m worried about fitting aligner trays into my budget.

Response: While you will need to speak with us for particular figures – and your insurance company for details regarding coverage – clear braces and traditional braces usually require a similar investment. In addition, insurance usually provides similar coverage for each.