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womanwonderingheadbandFinding out that you can gently sculpt your teeth into the shape that you desire with dental contouring is something that usually sounds exciting to patients upon discovery. However, as with any other treatment that sounds too simple and effective to be true, contouring can raise some serious concerns with hopeful individuals. Fortunately, we can reassure you with ease that choosing contouring is a wonderful decision if what you need is a bit of tissue removal to address esthetic problems. To address your particular worries, however, we ask that you allow us to offer some helpful clarification.

Contouring Is Safe

We understand if the idea of removing even a minuscule portion of your tooth tissue makes you a bit anxious. However, you have nothing to worry about. We will always examine the thickness of your tooth’s enamel – or outermost layer – before moving forward with treatment. Keep in mind – contouring gently buffs away a very, very small amount of tissue.

Contouring Is Convenient

Worried that this will become a long, drawn-out process to achieve a more beautiful smile? Stop worrying – most patients complete their dental contouring treatment within one scheduled appointment.

Contouring Is Comfortable

Choosing dental contouring means you can expect to make your smile look dramatically more beautiful without concerning yourself with the comfort of the treatment. It’s comfortable – we use a gentle polishing instrument to delicately smooth out problem areas.

Contouring Is Budget-Friendly

If you have set a budget for your smile improvements, we are happy to share that tooth contouring is known not only for its convenience and effectiveness but also for the fact that it is budget-friendly.