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whywomanIt can feel a little bit frustrating when you feel like you’ve found your dream treatment for your smile but you don’t know if it’s something you will actually qualify for. Or if it’s really the best thing for you. Or if there are alternatives in the case that you aren’t a wonderful candidate. Before you fall down the rabbit hole of what-if’s, we encourage you to take in some helpful information, so you feel prepared to find out about Zoom! Whitening candidacy and whiten your grin!

How To Begin

The best place to begin when you want Zoom! Whitening: Picking up the phone. Call our office and let us know you want a whiter smile and that you’re curious about whether this type of treatment is right for you. We will set up a consultation for you and your smile, so candidacy no longer remains a mystery. Fortunately, if you aren’t the best candidate for this type of whitening treatment, we will provide you with an exceptional transformation with one of our many other cosmetic treatments.

If You Qualify

Now, you just need to schedule another visit to come in for your Zoom! Whitening. It only takes about an hour, so you can rest assured that it won’t take up too much of your day. You’ll come in, we will protect your gums, you’ll lie back while we apply bleaching gel to your teeth, we will turn on a special light, and you’ll be on your way. Once the treatment is complete, your smile will be dramatically whiter.