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benefitsblocksDo you wonder if it’s a good idea to choose porcelain veneers? Your first hint that it’s a good time for veneers will be when we let you know that we consider this cosmetic treatment a wonderful solution to your esthetic problems. “But when might this be – and why do you think veneers are the way to go?” you may wonder. First, recognize that veneers are fully customizable, hyper-thin ceramic shells that will essentially let us make over your smile tooth by tooth. As for particular benefits that will make them sound perfectly appealing? Let’s go over some examples.

Reason #1: They Can Transform Your Smile

You’re not just going to think to yourself that you smile looks much whiter or nicer. You’re going to think – after you receive porcelain veneers – that you are shocked by the exceptional transformation the veneers provided. Veneers can address small gaps, can whiten your smile, will offer a beautifully natural finish, can make your smile look like you’ve worn braces (only if you’re dealing with a very minor issue with your alignment), camouflage a variety of blemishes – and the list goes on.

Reason #2: They Are Resilient

Your porcelain veneers will stand the test of time as long as you take care of your smile. Why? Well, they’re made out of porcelain and constructed to withstand daily pressure. You can wear them and wear them without worrying about cracks, chips, or staining for many years.

Reason #3: Did We Mention They’re Natural Looking?

Sure, people may notice that your smile looks different and that you’re now walking around with a megawatt smile. However, they won’t suspect you’ve got artificial tissue over your teeth. This is because porcelain veneers are so thin and because porcelain mimics natural tooth tissue quite convincingly.