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Children's Dentistry Without TearsImagine you are a child, visiting a place that seems made only for adults, where things happen that you don’t really understand. You might be bored (at best) or a bit scared. Dental appointments can be overwhelming for young visitors, which is why we take special care to make them welcome in our practice. An area in our waiting room was designed with young patients in mind. Dental checkups and cleaning are as important for children’s teeth as they are for adult teeth. We are on your team when in comes to taking care of your children’s teeth!

Special Spaces For Children

We have a waiting area with child-sized furniture, and toys and activities they will enjoy. Our children’s exam room features a bright mural, with kid-friendly appeal.

Caring Professionals

We welcome children as part of our practice. We are used to dealing with smaller mouths and slightly squirmier bodies. If there are lots of questions, we are glad to answer them. That includes questions you may have about preventive dentistry such as fluoride treatments, that are especially helpful for young teeth.

How You Can Help Your Child

Your child will pick up cues from your attitude. Some helpful things to keep in mind:

  • Consider bringing a child to one of your checkups, so he or she can see what goes on
  • Speak positively about dental appointments
  • Use a calm tone when at the dental office
  • It’s OK to use a toy or game to distract your child while you are waiting
  • Compliment your child for behaving well. Consider a non-sweet treat (like a book or a trip to the park) as a reward
  • Help your child develop good oral care habits, to prevent tartar buildup and help reduce the chance of cavities