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caring for an injured toothPhysical trauma to your tooth can require special care. There can be resulting problems with the health of your tooth, as well as issues with its appearance. If you suffer a tooth injury, emergency dental services are available to treat the problem. Even if the injury does not seem to warrant immediate care, there may be complications you are not aware of. Did you know that your tooth can become discolored after an injury? Did you know that in some cases, your dentist may need to perform a root canal on a damaged tooth? It is important to seek treatment for an injury, so that your tooth – and your smile – can be returned to normal.

Addressing The Health Of An Injured Tooth

The first priority when treating a tooth injury is restoring the tooth’s health. If a crack has exposed your pulp, you are at risk for developing an infection in the living tissue within your tooth. Because this can seriously compromise your oral health, your dentist will perform a root canal treatment to clear away any infection within your tooth.

Cosmetic Solutions To Damaged Teeth

There are cosmetic remedies for a tooth that has been damaged in an accident. If the injury is serious enough to limit the tooth’s ability to function, a dental crown may be placed over it – certain crowns can be made to look like a natural tooth. For milder damage, bonding and contouring can tackle many problems. If your tooth is chipped as a result of an accident, contouring can smooth out its appearance. Bonding can hide the altered color of a damaged tooth, as well as cover up cracks on its surface.