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white male in sweater smilingA missing tooth can cause a variety of issues. First and foremost your mouth function when chewing, biting, or speaking may degrade slightly. Your socket may become infected if not addressed in a timely manner. In extreme cases and depending on your age, your jawbone could deteriorate around the empty socket. Dental implants prevent the above situations from occurring, and they also provide a replacement tooth that functions similar if not better than your original enamel.

Explaining The Process

A dental implant has three general parts to it that assist in successfully restoring your smile to its prior function and beauty. The post is titanium, which fuses to the jawbone organically after being placed in the empty socket by your dentist. Once your gum tissue heals and your jawbone has fused to it, our dentist will attach what’s called an abutment to the top of the post. The final stage is to secure a dental crown to the top of the abutment, which successfully fills the gap between two adjacent teeth via a dental prosthetic.

The timeline for dental implants varies for each and every patient. Durations also depend on the rate of healing, your age, and some other factors your dentist can explain in more detail during your mandatory thorough consultation prior to procedure day.

Benefits That Matter

Replacing a missing tooth could mean the difference between infection and a healthy mouth. Not only does a dental implant provide a filler for the empty socket, but it also provides stimulation to the jawbone, facilitating blood flow when you chew or bite.

Aesthetically speaking, a full, even smile is attractive. A dental implant can enable a bright functional smile that you, friends, and family can enjoy for years to come.


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