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womanthumbsuptankHave you been lamenting the fact that you are unhappy with your smile? What seems to be the problem? When minor cosmetic issues mar the appearance of an otherwise pretty grin, we usually turn to either bonding or contouring as our first step toward making the improvements you need. If your problem lies in the fact that you require the removal of a bit of tissue, we suggest you learn more about the ways dental contouring can guide you toward the smile you want.

#1: Soften Points

Patients often come to us upset about pointed teeth – this is commonly an issue with canines. For some, these and other teeth either appear quite pointy or they feel sharp against softer tissues like your tongue. We can soften the appearance and smooth the texture with dental contouring.

#2: Improve Textural Concerns

Are you dealing with jagged tooth borders or perhaps the visible surface of your teeth appear scuffed or pitted? We can smooth these areas, too, for a beautiful finish.

#3: Address Mildly Overlapping Teeth

For serious overlapping and overcrowding, we will suggest orthodontic care. However, if you are dealing with the gentle overlapping of two neighboring teeth, we may use dental contouring to remove some of the tissue from the foremost tooth. The result is two teeth that look like side-by-side neighbors.

#4: Attain A More Uniform Smile

Are you noticing that you have a smattering of minor issues throughout your smile? A pointed tooth here – and an extra long tooth there? If so, we can efficiently yet comprehensively approach your smile, addressing multiple concerns. As a result, dental contouring will reveal a smile with a more uniform appearance.