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3 ways to keep your mouth healthyWhen you pick a meal, do you think about how what you eat can affect your odds of developing a cavity? How quick are you to take action if you feel that something is wrong with your tooth? There are many everyday choices you make that can alter your risk for problems. Regularly cleaning your teeth is essential, but those actions by themselves may not be enough. In order to prevent problems with your teeth from occurring, you should realize that your actions can determine how likely you are to develop a cavity, or suffer other dental issues.

1. Be Smart About What You Eat And Drink

When you eat and drink less sugar, you provide less food for the bacteria on your teeth. Those bacteria produce harmful acids when they digest sugar, which create holes in your enamel that become cavities.

2. Seek Treatment Promptly If You Feel Something Is Wrong

If you are experiencing a lingering pain in your tooth, it is worth looking into. If that discomfort is caused by a cavity that has started to affect the interior of your tooth, you may need a root canal treatment. The longer you put this off, the more time an infection has to harm your tooth, and potentially kill it.

3. Make Sure To See Your Dentist For Routine Checkups

Routine dental checkups mean clean teeth, and a full review of your oral health. These visits keep tartar from building up over time, and give your dentist a chance to treat developing problems that you are not aware of. For instance, a small cavity that has not become painful can be caught and removed, and your tooth can be restored with a filling.