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3redballoonYou might really like the fact that you can receive whitening within just an hour or so. However, you might find yourself wondering when you would ever need teeth whitening in a pinch! Believe it or not, this is a common concern that often takes patients by surprise. For a clearer understanding of how beneficial Zoom! Whitening can become for you, allow us to walk you through a few very common instances in which this treatment comes to the rescue!

#1: Holiday Time

One moment you’re enjoying a summer vacation and the next, you notice that you’re in the midst of planning for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. Before you have time to say “turkey” and put together a shopping list, it’s crunch time and holiday parties are coming up quick. When the last thing you want to admit to yourself is that you’d rather skip the parties because of your discolored smile, Zoom! Whitening can save the day.

#2: Wedding Season

Whether you receive a proposal and find yourself planning a wedding or you suddenly notice the invitations trickling (and then pouring) in, the need for a white smile may become extremely significant to you. Whether you’re a bride or groom, in a friend’s wedding party, or simply expecting to catch up with friends or relatives, Zoom! Whitening will help you feel your best when you don’t have much time to plan.

#3: Surprise Picture Day

The days of trying to look your best for picture day in school are long over. Aren’t they? You may find that your job or some other part of your life suddenly calls for a picture of you! If your teeth aren’t looking their best, you may find that you feel extremely concerned about photo day solely because you’re embarrassed by your teeth. No worries. Zoom! Whitening offers the one-visit transformation that you need, so you can smile with confidence.